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Lanre Writer (henceforth "we,'' "us", "our") is a platform connecting writers and employers. This platform is one of the products of Trivalence Media; therefore, we are owned and operated by the management of Trivalence Media. Anybody using our site by default has accepted to be bound by these Terms of Service and has agreed to our Privacy Policy and transaction processing rules. The use of the site constitutes automated and other forms of access. Irrespective of the access method, the use of the platform is bound by these Terms of Service.

Communication Rule
  • Employers and writer shall be connected via their provided email address. Ensure you register with your desired and valid email.
  • No form of abusive words would be tolerated.
1. Not an Escrow

We are in no way an escrow securing payments for transactions. A Google search can give results of a reliable escrow service you may consider for your transactions after connecting through us.

We shall not be responsible for any transaction between users that might go wrong. Lanre Writer only connects and not manage transactions (for now, until otherwise stated later).

2. No Functionality To Submit Articles

Our site, for now, does not have the functionality to submit written articles. Users are directed to connect through their emails.

3. Third-Party Payment Gateway

Payments for Connect Coins (CC) are made through PayStack. We shall not be responsible for any errors in a transaction as the system will only credit the user's account after confirmation of payment by PayStack.

All payments complaints are to be directed to PayStack management. In case you might need some information for clarification and filing your complaint, do not hesitate to message our support using the Contact Us Page Click Here.

4. Link Does Not Mean Endorsement

Any link to a third-party website on Lanre Writer does in no way amount to being an endorsement of such platform.

This links may be in the form of adverts and/or outbound links to another site such as Google Ads.

Copyright and Trademark

Lanre Writer is a property of Trivalence Media. Any use of our logo or publication without approval from us shall be considered as a copyright infringement.

Contact Us

For any clarification or complain, kindly contact us [support@lanrewriter.com]

Privacy Policy

Lanre Writer (henceforth referred to as "we" or "us") is entitled to change this privacy policy anytime without prior consultation with any of our users.

Personal Data We May Collect

Below are the information we might collect whenever you interact with our platform;

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Location
  • Browser name
  • IP address
  • Browser information
  • And any other information necessary for us to provide our services
How We Handle Collected Personal Data

Collected personal data will only be used by entities belonging to Trivalence Media and would in no way be shared with a third-party without your consent.

We may use it for;
  • Promotional purposes
  • Building customer relationship
  • Contact you in case of any information we might need to pass across.
  • Release it to government officials (security agencies) in case of any fraudulent act
What we [will] never do with your personal data;

We will never;

  • Sell
  • Rent
  • Transfer to third party
Personal Data Collected by Third Party API on our Platform

Presently, the only third-party API on our platform is PayStack which we use for receiving payments.

Information collected by PayStack include;

  • Debit/Credit Card details
  • How PayStack handles your personal data;
  • Kindly read the PayStack privacy policy here[https://paystack.com/terms].
Personal Data Collected by Third Party Websites
  • We may display third party Ads on our website
  • The information collected by these websites is determined by their privacy policy and we do not have control over it.
  • However, try our best to ensure only reputable Ads are displayed on Lanre Writer.
Children's Privacy
  • Our platform is not open to children under 13. We validate this by ensuring users have a valid email address as the same policy applies before being allowed to register an email address.
  • Lanre Writer does in no way intentionally collect or request information from persons under 13 years except with a guardian's permission.
Contact Us

For any clarification or complain, kindly contact us [support@lanrewriter.com]

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