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Frequently Asked Questions

Our writers are versatile. This is a skill we assess before allowing anyone to join the platform. Any writer that will be applying for the job you posted must be capable of handling it.

There are lots of other writers on the platform which you can select from. If a writer appears to be inefficient in handling your task, repost your job and someone else will pick it up.

Lanre Writer only connects employers to wordsmiths. You can discuss preferred mode of payment with the writer through the email chat.

Our review system rates writers based on past customers experience. Each applicant will also be able to submit proposal describing how they can handle your task. If you will like to see past work samples, include that in your job description so that they can include the link to a Google Doc of their portfolio. Select the writer(s) of your choice. Connect Coin is deducted for every chat initiation with a writer. You can always.

To avoid bad rating, writers may not want to take up a task in a niche they are not proficient in handling. And sometimes, the writers that can handle such task may be busy with another task. You can repost your task after the expiry period at no cost.

To reward a writer for a well done job, give them a good review. You can also gift them ConnectCoin (CC). To do this, message our admin with your request after which you will be authorised to make the payment or deduct from your existing Connect Coins. The writer will be rewarded accordingly within 24 hours.

We only connect wordsmiths with clients and do not offer any escrow service. You may try a Google/Duckduckgo search of available escrow service for suggestions on available options depending on your negotiation with the client.

It takes us about 48 hours to review your application. Pending approval, you may not be able to take up tasks. Please make sure you have completed and submitted the Writer Test Drive. All registration without the completion of this will not be considered.

Nigerian writers can pay using their debit/credit card. We are currently working on other countries (Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zimbabwe).

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A customer representative will get back to you in 3 hours or lesser.

Or maybe you’d like to call us: (+234)09016207574, (+234)09059397765