Top Quality Writers and High Paying Clients

There is nothing mightier than the ink of a pen. That is, if it is handled by a writer and not a charlatan.

What Inspired Lanre Writer?

Lanre Writer is a story of the solution to the short supply of quality writers in Africa Freelance space. As a writer himself, the founder is always contacted for recommendation of top-notch writer but always find none to refer. He decided to start a micro-writing firm named Puissant Pen but had to shut down the business due to the low quality of works delivered by most of the hired writers. To avoid this mistake and at the same time help most of his clients, he decided to start Lanre Writer with strict screening test to ensure only the best gain access to the available jobs.

Designed for Who?

Lanre Writer is designed for:

  • Freelance Writers in need of a helping hand. (Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and platforms).
  • Blog owners (for top quality contents).
  • Job Applicants (for top-notch resume & cover letter)
  • Companies (for news article, press release, brochure, etc.)
  • Digital Marketers (for Copy writings, Product reviews & Ads texts)
  • Programmers in need of content to fill up websites (such as About Us, FAQs, & Site Description).
  • And anybody in need of a writer.
  • Our Core strength

  • Top quality writers
  • High paying clients
  • Equal job opportunity
  • Our Secret

    We stand out only because our writers are outstanding. Without high quality writers delivering top-notch contents that keep clients coming back, we can never survive till now.

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