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Job Description

Hi writers, this job post is directly from Lanre Writer Admin. We are at an early stage of a contract negotiation with a client that wants to start an online news medium.

The client will need at least 30 articles per day from business and sports news. So, we are thinking of about 10 writers so that when there is any disappointment from a writer, there will be enough hands to cover up.

The basic requirement for this job is simple. You are not expected to go on field to source news content, you can always write such if you have the leak (no problem).

But, majorly, you will be working from the comfort of your home. Source the news from a reputable medium that will be provided and rewrite such that it will be unique and from a different angle compared to the main source.

You need to have a knowledge of news writing to be able to do this. So, yes, news writing skill is mandatory.

To apply, include in your proposal:
1. Your full name
2. Social Media ID.

The above are requirements by the client as your authenticity will need to be verified. Your byline will be published along with the articles you submit.

NOTE: This is not a done deal yet. We are still in the discussion stage with the client. And we hope it clicks so that everybody can smile to the bank as we perform magic with our pen.


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Job Summary

  • Published on: 05/10/2020
  • Employment Status: Freelance
  • Experience: null
  • Job Location: null
  • Pay Rate: To be discussed
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