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Job Description

I am updating my new professional website (I’m a VFX Artist) with additional and more recent projects including commercials and trailers.

You can see my current website where I have older projects on there. Each project has a title, role, and short description. (

I have 12 more projects to add to the list and need short descriptions for each.

I have a few questions for you:
1- do you have any knowledge or experience about the Visual Effects/Animation/CG industry and terminology?
2-do you have writing examples of something similar you’ve done that you can share?
3- do you think the current descriptions are good, or need improvement? If they need improvement, can you provide an example of what you think would be a better way to write the description? (Either a rewrite of one or an example of another description that you think is more compelling)


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Job Summary

  • Published on: 10/02/2020
  • Employment Status: Part Time
  • Experience: Over 5 Year
  • Job Location: Oyo
  • Pay Rate: #2 per word
  • Application Deadline: